Monday, October 18, 2010

Four Loko: STILL a very bad idea.

Forgive this brief interruption in our Forensics of Horror series, but "Four Loko" has hit the news again. This time a New Jersey college is calling for a ban on all alcohol containing energy drinks and singles out "Four Loko" by name after a dozen students have been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.

There is a very easy fix to the drink beyond simply not drinking it. The manufacturer should be called upon to simply repackage the drink into six ounce bottles. By making that change a 140 pound female would gain a 0.046 BAC per bottle rather than the 0.183 BAC they gain by the current packaging. Although I guess making this change would make the "Loko" part of the name less applicable.

Say it with me people:   
                     Good Crazy = Dyeing your hair purple.

                  Bad Crazy = Killing yourself with Four Loko

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