Friday, February 4, 2011

Marijuana Soda

Now that Four Loko is being banned so frequently it was only a matter of time before another controversial drink would hit the news. This time it's not alcohol we're talking about, but marijuana.

In California, where the sale of medical marijuana is already legal, cannabis containing drinks are already sold in dispensaries. What makes this item newsworthy is more to do with it's packaging and marketing. Sold in fruity flavors and carbonated like soda these drinks from Canna Catering are marketed for their enjoyment factor and not for their medicinal purpose. Indeed for half the price of the medical beverages already sold it only contains a third of the marijuana as the medical beverages, so who really is this drink being made for?

Although Proposition 19 failed in November of this past year, which would have made personal recreational use of marijuana legal for those over 21 years, marijuana has been decriminalized so that possession of less than an ounce is only subjected to a $100 fine.

Is Canna Catering gambling that it's only a matter of time before it's legal? A company in Colorado, Dixie Elixers, is marketing their own line of drinks much like the soda from Canna Catering. It certainly seems like these companies are getting into line to be first in supermarkets should it become legal.

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